King TV5/NBC Evening Magazine Interview

October 2013

Filmmaker Dominic H. White and his documentary DSKNECTDD are featured on King TV Seattle's Evening Magazine show

Cinemit: June Documentary Spotlight

June 6. 2014

What DSKNECTD delves into is the effects this access to technology and its addictive qualities has on the brain, social behaviors as well as differentiating characteristics of the generations employing its use.

Row Three: DSKNECTD Review

June 3, 2014

As everything from sexting and cyber bullying to gaming addiction has become part of mainstream culture, so has culture’s fascination with the ill effects of technology.

Common Sense Media: DSKNECTD Movie Review

June 9, 2014

The film explores the many ways that social media and multiplayer online games have changed how people interact and features interviews with psychologists, neurologists, and other experts.

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